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Wednesdays 2x/Month 

6:30-8p @ MainStreet

Some 2,000 years ago a small group of people gathered at "Jason's House" where they imagined a new way of life following King Jesus (Acts 17:6). 


Grades 5+ are invited to a weekly chat with Pastor Jeremy about the Bible and following the Way of Jesus. 

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Huddles  | Meet opposite weeks of Lifegroups

Huddles are groups of 3 or 5 meeting together 2x/month for spiritual conversation, accountability and mutual encouragement. Jesus modeled 3 different kinds of spiritual formation groups in his ministry that served different purposes. His "congregation" was about 70 people. He trained up a smaller group of 12 disciples in his master's course on Kingdom Living. Finally, he had an inner circle, or "Huddle," made up of Peter, James and John to whom he had more intimate interactions.

If you want to take this next step and find a couple other people to journey deeper into the Way of Jesus, then contact Pastor Jeremy today!

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Donation-based classes


MainStreet is proud to offer Holy Yoga throughout the week. Holy Yoga is a yoga flow class with a 100% focus on Christ as the center of your practice. A yoga practice combines breath work and meditation with movement to create a well rounded fitness class. The benefits of yoga have been long appreciated for its stress releasing side effects. A $10 donation is suggested.


For more information contact Jonnie at

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